Welcome To Stroganoff Restaurant

The only Russian authentic restaurant in the Bay Area that provides free delivery, catering service and works daily from 12pm to 10pm

About Our Name:

The word “Stroganov” or “Strogonov” also spelled in the French manner as Stroganoff, was referred to as a family highly successful, noble Russian merchants, industrialists, landowners, and statesmen of the16th-20centuries. Feoder Stroganov, the progenitor of the family, settled in Solvychegodsk (north of Russia) in the late 15century. His son Anikey Stroganov (1488-1570) opened the salteries in 1515, which would later become a huge industry of salt making. In 1558, Ivan the Terrible granted to Anikey Stroganov and his successors large estate in what was at the time the eastern edge of Russian settlement. In 1566 at the Stroganov family's request their lands were included in the “oprichnina”, the territory within Russia under the direct authority of Ivan the Terrible. Seizing lands from the local population by conquest and colonizing them with incoming Russian peasants, the Stroganovs developed farming, hunting, salt works, fishing, and ore mining in these areas. They built towns, fortresses and at the same time, suppressed local unrest with the help of small private armies (such private units were known as “druzhinas”), and annexed new lands in the Urals and Siberia in favor of Russia. In the 17 century, the Stroganovs invested heavily in the salt industry in Solikamsk. In the 1680s, Grigory Stroganov (1656-1715) untied all the scattered lands of the heirs of the children of Anikey Stroganov. In the 18 century, the Stroganovs established a number of iron work and copper-smelting factories in the Urals. During the Great Northern War of 1700-1721, the Stroganovs rendered sizable financial support to the government of Peter the Great, for which would be raised to the rank of baron in 1722 and later to that of a count.

The sequence of events that took place within the Stroganovs family went down in history, but unfortunately these events would have been forgotten by most of the modern world if not for the count, Alexander Stroganov (1795-1891). In those days, it was in style for wealthy noble men to have what was known as an “Open Table”. Alexander Stroganov was no stranger to the hosting of an open table to his residence in the city of Odessa. Any clean-dressed and well-educated person could come in and have a full free meal. It was custom to discuss; politics, art, poetry, and literature. Count Stoganov's Open Table became so popular that he ordered his chef to create a signature dish that signified the traditional event; elegant, delicious an fulfilling. It became one of the most popular, well-known dishes of the Russian cuisine around the world. The preparation combined 2 techniques: One is French, which is frying thin cuts of meat over high flames for a short period of time, and another is Russian which is cooking meat in sauce instead of serving sauce separately.

I, Alexander Rabinovich, the owner and founder of Stroganoff Restaurant was born in the same city of Odessa, and all my life was so fascinated by the story and the idea of serving people high quality and delicious food. I simply could not resist the idea of combining two cooking styles to create my own signature Stroganoff dish. That is why I decided to name my restaurant “Stroganoff” and make Beef Stroganoff our most sought-after dish.

We, at Stroganoff Restaurant and Bar trying to meet the highest expectations of our clientele. Our facility is newly remodeled with 140-150 seats. Your satisfaction is our goal. You will find to work with us very easy and pleasant. If you are looking for a very punctual, on top of things, responsible and reliable partner, look no longer. We are a restaurant with a tasteful menu, American, European and Asian cuisine. We cook simple bar finger food as well as sophisticating beef stroganoff and rack of lamb dishes. We serve small and large parties, weddings and birthdays. Deliveries and catering available for our clients as well as in-house banquets and company meetings. All ingredients are strictly fresh, not frozen, we do not use any preservatives, food coloring, taste enhance chemicals, MSG or any other unhealthy additives. We are trying to be as organic and as natural as possible.

Lunch and Dinner Banquet Price list

Lamb & Seafood Entries are available for the menus $55 and up

$20 Lunch Menu:3 Appetizers, 2 Salads, 1 Main Entries

$30 Lunch Menu:4 Appetizers, 3 Salads, 1 Main Entries, 1 Dessert

$40 Lunch Menu: 4 Appetizers, 4 Salads, 1 Main Entries, 2 Desserts and Soft Drinks

$55 Banquet Menu: 5 Appetizers, 4 Salads, 2 Mains, 2 Desserts, Roasted Potatoes, Soft Drinks

$75 Banquet Menu: 8 Appetizers, 4 Salads, 4 Mains, 3 Desserts.
Also roasted potatoes, soft drinks, coffee, tea and 3 bottles of wine per every 10 people

$200 Minimum order and 12 hours notice required.


Soups: ($7 individual order)

1. Borsch
Russian style beet soup

2. Svekolnik (Veggie)
Russian style beet soup served cold

3. Solyanka
Russian style Meet lover's soup

4. The Soup of Terror
Sweet peas and veal soup. (You will need a sound proof house for intake).

5. Green Borsch (Veggie)
Spinach soup with a lot of veggies and boiled eggs, aka Green Borsch. Served hot or cold

Salads: ($8 individual order)

1. Beets Salad
Roasted beets, garlic, plums, walnuts.

2. Sesame Beets Salad.
Roasted beets, pine nuts, sesame seeds.

3. Carrot Shaves
Carrots coriander, sesame oil in a special marinade.

4. Sauerkraut.
Russian style sauerkraut salad.

5. Pickled Veggies. (Vegan)
Mix of pickled veggies.

6. Girly curly.
Curls of zucchini, cucumbers,carrots, baked apple peel, green papaya, sesame seeds.

7. Planted parm.
Roasted eggplant, bell pepper, onions, carrots, tomatoes topped with Parmesan cheese .

8. Maya papaya.
Green papaya, green beans, tomatoes, roasted peanuts, green chilies, lime juice, garlic, anchovy sauce.

9. Edgy veggies.
Tomatoes, cucumbers, radish, carrots, potatoes, onions, peanuts.

10. Busy Farmer.
Regular farmer's salad with extra olives, feta cheese, olive oil and lemon juice.

11. Early spring.
Organic mix of spring greens, cherry tomatoes and onion.

Appetizers: ($10 individual order)

1. Beef Tongue
Slightly grilled beef tongue served with our homemade mushroom and roasted pepper sauce

2. Deviled Eggs
Boiled eggs, cut in half and stuffed with mushrooms and caramelized onion. Served cold

3 Pirozhki
Russian style baked savory pastries stuffed with veal, cheese or potatoes

4. Blintz with Veal
Veal-stuffed thin and delicate crepes served with special Stroganoff's sauce

5. Royal Blintz
Traditional Russian royal dish. Delicious crepes served with red caviar and sour cream on the side

6. Drunken Herrings
Marinated in wine vinegar and extra virgin olive oil, and served with onion and olives

7. Chicken Liver Pate
Silky-smooth pâté made with caramelized onions, whipped and served with slightly toasted baguettes

8. Smoked Fish
Plate of cold smoked, thinly sliced lox, captain fish and skin-on wild salmon

9. Kutabi
Large veggie pirogies with lots of greens.

10. Chebureki
Large meat pirogies with meat, onions and spices.

Sandwiches: ($8 individual order)

1. Cucumburger.
This is a gluten free chicken burger served not on a bun but on a whole seeded cucumber.

2. Bite Me.
Spicy Chicken kebab sandwich that bites back.

3. Schnitzel in a Spritzer
Thinly sliced veal meat, marinated in wine and soda, breaded slightly fried and baked to perfection.

4. Spit on it
Beef cubes roasted on the spit over the open fire.

5. Stroganoff on the roll
Beef Stroganoff cooked in the mushroom and cream sauce on a Dutch Crunch.

6. Seaweed & Salmon
Salmon on the bed of a seaweed salad

7. Chubby baby hungry.
Baby back ribs sandwich on a bed of organic baby greens and french roll.

8. Balls to the wall
Meat ball sandwich

9. Dolce Mozzarella (Veggie)
Fresh mozzarella, basil, tomatoes, olive oil.

10. Edgy veggie (Veggie)
Mix of delicious roasted veggies, garlic and house marinade.

11. Face to face
Open face sandwich with goat cheese, peasant caviar and caramelized onion

12. Throw back Thursday
PBB&J sandwich, like your momma use to make

Main Course: ($18 individual order)

1. Beef Stroganoff
Our most scrumptious dish made with tender strips of beef, slightly sauteed and cooked in special sauce

2. Potato Stroganoff
Veal-stuffed mashed potatoes, slightly fried, baked to perfection and topped with our Stroganoff sauce

3. Chicken Cutlet
Crunchy outside and juicy inside chicken cutlet topped with our homemade mushroom sauce

4. Sea Bream
Mouth watering white fish, fried and baked to perfection

5. Stuffed Cabbage
Cabbage leaves stuffed with ground veal, mixed with jasmine rice, spices and herbs

6. Vareniki
Also known as pirogi. Homemade Russian style dumplings, stuffed with potatoes and caramelized onion

7. Pelmeni
Homemade Russian style meat dumplings served with sour cream and vinegar

Main Dishes

(for catering only, no individual orders)- $200 Minimum order and 12 hours notice required.

1. Plov With Lamb
Uzbek style traditional dish. Made with rice, lamb cuts, carrots, onions, and spices. Original old country recipe

2. Sweet Pilaf Veggie Style or With Veal
Authentic Armenian recipe. Rice dish prepared with dried fruits and meat. Can be served vegetarian style

3. Manti With Lamb
Large, Uzbek style pirogi stuffed with marinated lamb and onions, and slowly cooked over a steam bath

4. Manti With Pumpkin
Large, Uzbek style pirogi stuffed with pumpkin cubes and onions, and slowly cooked over a steam bath

5. Lagman
Handmade pasta served with lamb, veggies, spices slowly cooked into extraordinary delicacy

6. Hash
Beef stew-like dish. Cooked for hours with special sauce, spices and herbs. Served cold

7. Crab Lags
Very delicately cooked crab lags, topped with batter and garlic sauce

8. Dressed Herring (salad)
This salad is a herring under layers of vegetables, herbs and special house sauce

9. Jumbo Prawns (appetizer)
Slightly grilled large shrimps served with our homemade sauce

10. Cream of the Sea (soup)
Chef’s special seafood soup made with sturgeon, crab meat, clams, mussels, veggies and spices.

11. Lamb Chops. (For the Rack of Lamb add $2.00 per person)
Lamb chops on the bone marinated in our special homemade marinade over night and slowly roasted over an open fire

12. Pork Kebab
Marinated over night in our special homemade marinade and slowly roasted over an open fire

13. Sturgeon Kebab
Marinated over night in our special homemade marinade and slowly roasted over open an fire

14. Chicken Kebab
Chicken cuts, seasoned with our house mix of spices and herbs, and slowly roasted over an open fire

15. Roasted Cornish Hen
Hen marinated over night in our special, homemade marinade, topped with a dry rub and slowly roasted over an open fire

16. Roasted Eel
Roasted over an open fire, topped with our homemade sauce and rested on a bed of seaweed salad

17. Roasted Rabbit
Rabbit, slowly roasted with dry fruits and vegetables, and served with our special sauce

18. Beef Short Ribs
Served with our special, Russian style, sweet and sour sauce

Dessert: ($8 individual order)

1. Napoleon Bonaparte
Russian style Napoleon cake made with flaky dough and custard.

2. Free Retreat.
Gluten free no crust apple pie (As healthy as dessert can be)

3. Apple rapper
Apple strudel served with ice cream.

4. Berry-ly legal
Mix berry pie served with ice cream

5. Sweet n sour
Sour cherry dumplings served with sour cream and sour cherry glaze.

6, Vatrushki
Sweet dough staffed with home made sweet farmer's cheese and raisins.

7. Iceberry
Ice cream topped with home made berry mix glaze.

8. Sweet Blintz
Blintz stuffed with homemade, soft farmer's cheese, raisins and topped with raspberry mousse

Smoothies :

($4.50 individual order, Coffee/Tea $2.00)

1. Berry Berry Good
Berry mix, banana, non fat yogurt and honey.

2. Tropical paradise.
Mango, pineapple, kiwi, banana, non fat yogurt and honey.

3. Beeten Carrot.
Beets, carrots, apple, strawberry, banana, non fat yogurt and honey.

4. Throw back Thursday with a twist
PBB&J smoothy.

5. Fruit Punch
Russian style fruit punch aka Compote

6. Kvas.
Russian style root beer. Home made, naturally fermented drink with a spark. Non alcoholic

7. Coffee/Tea

Corporate Catering Menu Prices

$7.25 per person-$140 for 20 people plus $7 for each additional person
1 Sandwich turkey, ham, roast beef or mix, 1 apple strudel, 1 soda

$9 per person - $170 for 20 people
(1 soup or appetizer, 1 salad, 1 protein or sandwich, 1 starch or dessert, 1 soda)

Add $4.00 per person for each additional protein-$75 for 20 people, add $3.75 for each additional person
Add $4.00 per person for each additional sandwich-$75 for 20 people, add $3.75 for each additional person
Add $3.00 per person for each additional appetizer-$55 for 20 people, add $2.75 for each additional person
Add $3.00 per person for each additional salad-$55 for 20 people, add $2.75 for each additional person
Add $2.00 per person for each additional starch-$55 for 20 people, add $2.75 for each additional person
Add $3.00 per person for each additional dessert-$55 for 20 people, add $2.75 for each additional person
Add $4.50 per person for each additional smoothy or/and freshly squeezed juice-$85 for 20 people
Add $2.00 per person to add coffee or tea-$36 for 20 people, add $1.80 for each additional person
Add $0.75 per person for each Coke or Sprite-$12 for 20 people, add $0.60 for each additional person
$150 minimum order and 6 hours notice required.